About ThermaBags

ThermaBags is a leading manufacturer of insulated bags with ISO Certified manufacturing facilities in UAE and Turkey.

Unlike regular OEM factories and re-sellers, ThermaBags has a dedicated R&D team which spearheads innovation and develops new insulated technologies.

ThermaBags works closely with industry leaders in the Food, Grocery, and Medical Delivery markets to constantly solve ever evolving challenges.


Businesses Served


Bags Manufactured


Variety of Products


Countries Delivered

New Problems

The food & grocery delivery industry has changed and so has its challenges

- Cross vendor smell contamination
- Food bacteria contamination
- COVID hygiene regulations

Companies Now Delivery
for Multiple Vendors

- Rider safety & comfort
- Bag durability
- Food spillage

Increased Delivery
Distances & Frequency

- Food quality retention
- Moisture control
- Longer temperature retention

Increased Customer

- Regional climate considerations
such as humidity, temperature
and solar radiation.

Unique Environmental

New Solutions

ThermaBags constantly develops and introduces new technologies such as:

Anti-Microbial technology: to combat food contamination as well as odor control.

Propretary Fabrics: to increase bag durability and making it easier to clean.

New & Proprietary Insulation Materials: which increases temperature retention as well as moisture and odor control.

Functional & Ergonomic Designs: to increase rider comfort & safety, lightweight, and improve utility such as ease of storage and cleaning.

Thermal Bag Recycling: to reduce wastage and environmental pollution while reducing costs for our clients,

Products & Services

Thermabags offers a wide variety of products & services based on the specific needs and requirements of our clients.

Ready-Made Solutions

Customized Solutions


The Future

The last mile delivery landscape is always evolving with new technologies emerging such as drone delivery, and challenges such as regulations, etc.

ThermaBags aims to continue leading the innovation with new products, services, and solutions and support the industry's exponential growth.

Over the next 5 years, ThermaBags aims to develop more patented technologies and expand into new territories and regions as we work with more and more industry leaders.

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