There are many heated delivery systems in the market but we have chosen and developed the most practical, reliable and reasonably priced heated delivery systems. We have incorporated these systems in our bags after taking into account Health and Safety as well as operations in the food delivery sector. We have heaters both for in store electrical outlet connection and 12V car connections.

Watch a video of how the system works


An electrical plate, acting as a thermal storage device, is placed centrally in the bag. The plate is connected to standard wall AC power socket, and reaches up to 180F in 8~10 minutes. During operation the food is kept warm inside the bag, and when the driver is ready to go, the power cord is disconnected from the bag and left behind. The heat stored in the Heating Element decreases gradually allowing the food to be delivered hot for up to 45 minutes


We also have heating elements that can be plugged into the car’s 12V, cigarette lighter socket/outlet for continuous heating. We recommend this system for food deliveries that are in transit for more than 30 minutes. These heaters also can be used in the restaurant or kitchen by using the high quality DC to AC Replacement adapters; sold separately.

Simply choose any of our stock quality bags from our Thermal Delivery Bags section and the Heating Element of your choice from our Heating System Section; or please give us a call, drop us an email and one of our sales representatives; shall be happy to assist you.